The 5 Weirdest Apps Ever for Android and iOS

The Apple App Store and Google Play Market offer over 5 million apps between them. That means hundreds of thousands of developers spend their time and money trying to make our lives easier. There apps for everyone and everything. Not every app hits the mark, though. Sometimes, an app just makes you wonder what the developer was thinking.

Here are our favorite examples. They’re the 5 weirdest apps ever for Android and iOS.


5 - Cuddlr


At first glance, Cuddlr is just another dating app, like the ones millions of people download every year. However, Cuddlr is a much weirder app than OKCupid or Tinder. Instead of helping the user find someone to go on a date with, or even just someone to meet up with for the night, it’s designed for people who just want to cuddle.

Just… go somewhere, share a moment, and cuddle. That’s sweet, but did we really need an app dedicated to it? Apparently so, since Cuddlr is very successful!


4 - Watching Cute Girl

This is one of our top choices of the weirdest apps ever. Open it up, and you’ll see a cute Japanese girl.

She’s animated, and she stares at you. Just stares. All the time. Sometimes she’ll say something. You can even get her to give you a virtual hug. But mostly, she just stares.

Watching Cute Girl goes beyond weird, but it has over 30 great reviews at the time of this writing. Apparently at least a few dozen people enjoy it!


3 - The Most Useless App Ever

The Most Useless App Ever lives up to its name, and it’s also one of the weirdest. The app consists of a single button. You can push the button, although nothing will happen.

That’s all this thing does. You can also pay to upgrade the app with a counter, which will tell you how many times you’ve pushed the button. It’s kind of a minimalist take on Cookie Clicker, but even weirder.


2 - Carr Matey

This is one of the weirdest apps ever for Android, but also very useful. It’s designed for people who forget where they parked. In other words, everyone! It’s also helpful if you’ve been away from your car for a long time, like after camping. Carr Matey uses Google Maps to pin your car location, and guides you back to it with a distance reading and compass.


1 - Spirit Story Box

Believe it or not, there are plenty of people today who believe in ghosts. Many of them even want to make contact with the other side.

Spirit Story Box is one of our weirdest apps ever because it is designed specifically for ghost hunting. We won’t speculate as to how it actually does this, but the app claims to locate spirits, and then tell you what they’re saying.

The app displays seemingly random words and sentences, which supposedly correspond to what the ghosts are trying to communicate. The user can even ask questions of the spirits, and then see the answers on their mobile screens.

Spirit Story Box was developed with the help of specially trained paranormal researchers, so maybe there is something to it. But we’ll leave it up to you whether you believe it.


What’s the point of all this? Even the weirdest apps can be very popular on the Google Play or Apple App store.

If you have an idea for an app, but think it’s just too weird to be successful, just remember this list, or any of the other completely bizarre apps that find a great audience. One of the most popular apps on Google Play is called Places I’ve Pooped.

These apps also show that an app doesn’t need to be mainstream to give a business brand recognition. If you think your business would benefit from a mobile app, but don’t have a clear idea on exactly what to do, contact us at Dinarys. We specialize in helping businesses achieve real results with the perfect mobile app.

Even super weird ones.

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