Why our startup?

Because it is an ultimate solution for small and medium-sized e-commerce. All technologies move towards cloud platforms. Small and medium-sized businesses without sufficient funding look for a solution in cloud platforms. Dinarys Solution is a cloud solution and its advantage is that you are not buying a domain or hosting, in other words, you are not dealing with issues of security and load.

Dinarys Solution will include everything you need to build your website and start to sell online. It will offer the perfect blend of form and function. It’s quick and easy to choose a template, add your products, and start to get orders. You could make your first sale the same day you sign up.

Our solution will support large and complex catalogs, full parent-child category structure, multi-category products, downloadable products, gift certificates, and faceted search — all with no add-ons or hacks required.

Reports let you easily track and analyze your product sales, orders, and payments. See which products are being sold — and which ones aren't. Get a better understanding of how your sales vary month-to-month. And easily export any report for your spreadsheets or accountant.
We’ll provide inside plugin’s store. Apps give your store an edge over the competition by increasing your marketing capabilities, making your shop even easier to manage, improving your SEO, helping you to track sales trends, and more.
You have complete control over your store’s design. It’s easy to turn your ideas into a Dinarys Solution template, then to get a complete e-commerce website. Plans will include a free, built-in mobile commerce shopping cart. This means your customers can browse and buy from your store while being on the go, using any mobile phone.
  • Marketplace
  • Product list
  • User order history
  • Analytics
  • A possibility to choose from 4+ design themes and a bit of theme customization
  • Blog, which will serve as the news block
  • Plus 4 design themes and more advanced theme customization
  • Products synchronization with various accounting systems
  • Extendable User area for the end user
  • Extendable features list to work with the end user - news, newsletters, events, subscription - everything that is connected with feedback
  • SEO optimization
  • Customer groups & pricing segmentation
  • Discounting tools
  • Selling on Facebook, eBay and Amazon

And finally, why work with us?

We have been working with e-commerce solutions for over 5 years and have accumulated a huge experience in order to provide every customer with comfortable and affordable service. Take a look at our portfolio and become certain that the e-commerce – is our strong point.