E-commerce, also called electronic commerce, is the term commonly known as buying and selling of products over the internet. E-commerce can be subdivided into three categories: business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), and consumer to consumer (C2C).

Many technologies can be applied to create successful e-commerce project. We provide our clients with the most efficient and innovative solutions in designing and developing online shops. We offer completely scalable, unique and customized solutions, as well as template based e-commerce projects.


Mobile apps market has been dynamically growing over the last few years. Now it has reached its highest peak. There are many processes and technologies that can be implemented for mobile application development.

Top two mobile platforms are iOS and Android. Besides these two major players, Windows Mobile is one more operating system that has become very popular recently. Dinarys team provides professional expertise in creating successful applications for each of these three platforms. We have many years of experience and are happy to create fresh and innovative iOS, Android and Windows mobile applications to satisfy your needs.


Our world becomes more and more digital and interactive. Every business aims to go online, whether it is food, clothes or car spare parts.

We know how to create brand awareness and bring your company or brand to the internet. Our team has years of experience in designing and developing bright, leading-edge and innovative websites to cover all the client's business needs.